NEWS Agreement in Jarablus: buffer zone for Turkey, canton for Kurds

Jarablus operation, which was launched against ISIS but also targeted Kurdish military forces, continues. However, some sources claim that the US, Iran and Russia came to an agreement in Jarablus, or northern Syria, and Turkey and PYD accepted the conditions of this agreement. According to this alleged agreement, Turkey will stay in Jarablus and Kurds will be able to connect Kobani and Afrin cantons through Al-Bab.
NEWS Jarablus operation: a shield for whom?

Turkish Military Forces has entered Syria. The operation named “Euphrates Shield” started on Wednesday morning and the forces reached ISIS-held Jarablus in the same day. Political scientist Assistant Prof. Erhan Keleşoğlu and former Erbil Consulate-General Aydın Selcen assessed "Euphrates Shield" operation, that was launched against ISIS in Jarablus.
NEWS Turkey bombarded PYD

On Saturday, Turkish Military Forces (TSK) fired howitzers from Kilis to the regions around Menagh Airport near Azaz province. Menagh Airport was seized by PYD few days ago.
NEWS Salih Müslim: We are not invited yet

PYD co-chair Salih Müslim made statements about Geneva meeting. Saying that they haven't received an invitation, Müslim stated, “If we don't attend the meeting, the peace process would be imperiled.”
NEWS Systems conflict in Rojava

Would they prefer continuing their lives by maintaining the rights and status that they gained so far or going on with a new and smaller system, i.e., with a broader presence in Rojava, by demanding those rights all over again? People of Christian communities ask those questions themselves every day.