Turkey bombarded PYD

On Saturday, Turkish Military Forces (TSK) fired howitzers from Kilis to the regions around Menagh Airport near Azaz province. Menagh Airport was seized by PYD few days ago.

Prime Minister Davutoğlu said, “In accordance with the rules of engagement, we countered the threatening forces in and around Azaz.”

Davutoğlu put forward the following conditions for stopping the fire: 

“YPG should immediately leave Azaz region. They shouldn't even come near Azaz. They shouldn't try to break the corridor again. They should immediately evacuate Menagh Airport and abandon their plans to use it against Turkey or opposition forces.”

Minister of Defence İsmet Yılmaz made a statement about the bombardment. He said that PYD fired mortars to Turkish border and the rules of engagement stand: “In accordance with the the rules of engagement, we fire back in a deterrent way, if there is a fire to our country. After mortars were fired to our country, we determined the forces in Maranaz, Sicarnaz, Menagh Airpot, Tel Rıfat and Şafarikat regions and fired howitzers to those forces. There are no casualties in our side and we don't have any information about their losses.”

EU's call to Turkey

EU urged Turkey to stop the bombardments against YPG. High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini made a statement about the bombardments: “Just a few days ago, we came to table and decided to relieve the tension and end hostility. Turkey was also there.”

Netherlands' Minister of Foreign Affairs Bert Koenders said that they expect everyone to abandon hostility in accordance with the plan.

Russia: our airstrikes will continue

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said, "We would continue to fight against ISIS, El-Nusra and other El-Kaide related organizations, even if there is a ceasefire in Syria. Since the ceasefire will be for the ones who demand peace, not for terrorists."

USA: Stop the bombardment

U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby made a statement.

Kirby urged Turkey to stop the bombardment and said: 

“We are concerned about what is happening in the north of Aleppo and working with both sides for relieving the tension. We urged Syrian Kurds and other forces related to YPG not to try to seize new regions by benefiting from the complicated situation. 

“Turkey and YPG have a serious ISIS threat in common in the south of Azaz. We urged both sides to focus on their common enemy and obey the decision to stop the attacks, which was made in Munich.”

YPG: We haven't fired a single bullet to Turkey

YPG spokesperson Fırat Xelil stated that they haven't fired a single bullet to Turkey. Xelil spoke to Hawar News Agency (ANHA):

“For 4 years, our forces haven't fired a single bullet to Turkey, nor from Efrin neither from another region in Rojava. Turkish state is disturbed by Ceyş El-Suwar's success against ISIS. They are firing at the emplacements of the fighters and civilian settlements for stopping their proceeding. Some fighters are injured.”

Damascus government claimed that 100 soldiers entered Syria

According to Reuters, Damascus government stated that 100 armed soldiers from TSK entered Syria on Saturday. It is reported that there were trucks loaded with heavy weapons. 

Syrian Foreign Office also claimed that from Beb es Salame border check-point, weapons and arms are supplied to Azaz region. 

Turkish Minister of Defence İsmet Yılmaz said that this claim is not true.