Davutoğlu: 9 suspects detained, the perpetrator is YPG

28 people were killed in the attack in Ankara and 30 of the injured are discharged from the hospital. 31 people are still being treated. Some information about the attack is revealed.

Prime Minister Davutoğlu made statement about Ankara attack. He stated that the attacker is a YPG member and was born in 1992. “The attacker is Salih Neccar. He is related to the terrorist organizations in Turkey. He is from Amude in northern Syria. The relation between YPG and the attack is revealed. 9 people are detained and the investigation is going on.”

Davutoğlu also said that one of the deceased is a civilian.


According to the witnesses, while the military shuttle vehicles were approaching to the traffic lights toward İnönü Boulevard, the car loaded with explosives slowed down and exploded near the shuttle vehicle.

In the attack, 3 shuttle vehicles took fire and the vehicle in the middle was blown away by the power of the explosion, which also ended up being burned to ashes.

Statement from the President Erdoğan

After the attack, President Erdoğan released a written statement. “Everyone should know that Turkiye won’t hold back from using its right of self-defence anywhere and anytime.”

Parliamentary groups of AKP, CHP and MHP released a joint declaration. “We condemn the inhumane terrorist attacks which target our unity, peace and safety. Terrorism and violence will never achieve its goal.”


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