Gül and Dündar released: Our struggle for arrested journalists will continue

After Constitutional Court's decision of violation of right, 14th High Penal Court made a release decision. Journalists Erdem Gül and Can Dündar were released last night.

Cumhuriyet Newspaper editor-in-chief Can Dündar and Ankara representative Erdem Gül made a statement to the press after they were released. 

Erdem Gül said, “It would be better if the court hadn't wait for Constitutional Court's decision.” And Dündar said, “The price we paid is nothing compared to what other journalists have been going through.” 

Dündar also said, “We wish President Erdoğan a happy birthday. I was arrested on my wedding anniversary and our release is my birthday present for him.”

Gül and Dündar emphasized that there are a lot of arrested journalists in Turkey and their release doesn't solve this problem. Pointing out that their struggle for arrested journalists will continue, Gül and Dündar thanked the people who have been supporting them. 

On May 29, a story and footage published about MİT (Turkish intelligence agency) trucks loaded with guns going to Syria and an investigation was opened with the accusation of “divulging state secrets” and making “propaganda for a terrorist organization” against two journalists. They were arrested on November 26, 2015. 


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