For 27 years, victims of Gyumri Earthquake wait for aid

Gyumri is still suffering because of the earthquake that happened 27 years ago and left 4.000 families homeless. World-famous Armenian people started a fundraising campaign for families who have been living in huts.

Almost 4000 families who were harmed by the the earthquake that happened in Gyumri, the second biggest city of Armenia, still live in temporary dwellings. Initiated by photographer Hayk Barseghyan and aims for Diaspora, this campaign drew attention of famous people like football player Henrikh Mkhitaryan and pianist Tigran Hamasyan.

The campaign started 3 years ago, but the support is still not enough. There are 13 families that live under the toughest conditions and they are the priority of the campaign. There will be different events for raising awareness. 

The first event took place on February 27 and pianist Tigran Hamasyan performed in Fantanner neighborhood, which is in ruins. It is stated that 1000 dollars were raised in the event. And the total money that is expected to be raised in the campaign is 120.000 dollars.  

There will be an auction for the belongings of famous people. This event, where the belongings of famous people like wrestler Arsen Julfalakyan and  football player Henrikh Mkhitaryan will be auctioned, will be held in few days. 

Here is the link for “SOS Gyumri” campaign:


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