Sargsyan's call to Bundestag

Armenia's President Serzh Sargsyan addressed to Bundestag about the Armenian Genocide resolution that will be voted tomorrow and asked the members of Bundestag not to connect the voting with the migration deal between Turkey and EU.

President Sargsyan spoke to Bild about Bundestag's resolution titled as “Remembrance and Commemoration of the Genocide against Armenians and other Christian minorities in 1915-1916 in Ottoman Empire”. According to DW Turkish's report, Sargsyan stated that the migration deal might become invalid because of the resolution, but the deal has nothing to do with the genocide resolution. Sargsyan also said that the deal is already disregarded and he believes that this deal is hard to be implemented in the long term with a partner like Turkey.

Answering the question whether Europe can trust Turkey, Sargsyan said, “I cannot speak for Europe, but I can say that we don't trust Erdoğan.” Pointing out that Armenia tried to establish diplomatic relations with Turkey for years, Sargsyan said: “For instance, Zurich Protocols should have been signed by Turkish parliament, but Erdoğan prevented it.”

It would be an important step

Central Council of Armenians in Germany also thinks that the approval of this resolution would be an important step. Chairperson of the Council Jacqueline Khachaturian said, “Turkey must be forced to confront its past and this resolution contributes to this effort.” She also stated that Bundestag will reveal the truth in the face of denialism of Turkish state and Turkish society in Turkey and Germany.


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