Turkish government’s initial reactions against the genocide resolution

President Erdoğan, Prime Minister Yıldırım and Deputy Prime Minister Kurtulmuş made statements after the Armenian Genocide resolution was passed by Bundestag. Moreover, Turkish ambassador to Germany is recalled to Ankara.

Turkish government started to express their initial reactions against the Armenian Genocide resolution that was passed by Bundestag.

President Erdoğan: “this decision will affect the relations between Turkey and Germany very seriously “

President Erdoğan stated that this development will have negatives effects on the relations between the two countries. “I spoke to our prime minister. Our first step is to recall our ambassador to Germany for discussing the issue. This decision will affect the relations between Turkey and Germany very seriously.” President also stated that they will decide what to do after speaking to Ambassador Hüseyin Avni Karslıoğlu.

Prime Minister Yıldırım: “there is nothing disgraceful in our past”

“This is misjudgment. The past of Turkish nation is known by all. There is nothing disgraceful in our past. We did nothing that we should be ashamed of. Even the historians disagree on so-called Armenian Genocide; so, recognition of the genocide is unacceptable for Turkey. While the main opposition party (CHP) is discussing the ways for getting rid of AKP with foreign ambassadors, Bundestag accepted the decision of racist Armenian lobby.” He also added that the moment they saw the content of the resolution, they decided what to do. German ambassador to Turkey is also called to the Ministry of Foreign affairs.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu also made a statement via his social media account: “Defaming another country’s history with irresponsible and unfounded parliamentary decisions is not the way to recognize your own dark history.”

Kurtulmuş: “this decision is null and void for Turkey”

Deputy Prime Minister and government spokesperson Kurtulmuş made a statement via his social media account: “Bundestag defined some distorted and unfounded claims as genocide and this is a historical mistake. This decision clashes with the friendly relations between Turkey and Germany. This decision is null and void for Turkey. This is an issue that should be resolved by scientists and historians, not by politicians or parliaments.”


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