Claims of "YPG reinforcement in Manbij" denied

While “Euphrates Shield” operation continues, it is claimed that YPG forces have been reinforcing Manbij. Syrian Kurds have denied the claims.

A week has passed since Turkey-backed “Euphrates Shield” operation of FSA started. 

According to Reuters' report based on security sources in the region, trucks and minibuses loaded with weapons, equipment and personnel were moving from east to west in northern Syria, which made people think that YPG has been reinforcing Manbij.

There are reinforcements, but not by YPG”

Speaking to Reuters, Head of the Rojava Media Office Ibrahim Ibrahim said that local military councils in Manbij and Jarablus have been reinforced, but not by YPG: "There are reinforcements, but not by YPG. YPG forces are in east of the Euphrates, not in Manbij or Jarablus.”

Ahmed Osman, leader of Sultan Murad Brigade which is a constituent of FSA, said that their next target is Manbij.

During the weekend, Turkish military's warplanes had been striking YPG positions in Jarablus and Manbij.

The claim of “35 civilian casualties”

According to Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, FSA targeted Beir Koussa, a village about 15 kilometers south of Jarablus and Amarneh village. In two villages, 35 civilians had been killed and tens of people got injured.

On the other hand, Turkish military forces denied the allegations concerning civilian casualties and declared that YPG positions and depots had been hit in Jarablus and 25 YPG fighters were killed. 


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