After Hayatın Sesi and IMC TV, police raids Özgür Radyo

Hayatın Sesi and IMC TV are shut down by a state of emergency decree and today, the buildings of the TV channels have been raided by the police forces. Both channels went off the air. Özgür Radyo is also raided by the police forces. Radio station's terrestrial broadcast is blocked.

The buildings of TV channels that are shut down by state of emergency decrees are being closed down one after the other. 

The police sealed the director room of Hayatın Sesi TV and blocked channel's YouTube stream. The channel was dropped from TURKSAT satellite on September 28.

IMC TV is also raided. The police interrupted during the live broadcasting.

On September 28, more than 10 TV channels including Hayatın Sesi, Azadi TV, Jiyan TV, Van TV, TV10, Denge TV ve Zarok TV were dropped from TURKSAT.

On September 29, Yön Radyo was shut down. On September 30, IMC TV went off the air and the websites of Özgür Radyo, IMC TV and Hayatın Sesi were blocked.

On October 3, Med Nûçe TV was dropped from France-based Eutelsat satellite.

Previosuly, the buildings of Azadi TV, Jiyan TV, Van TV, Özgür Gün TV and Zarok TV have been shut down.  

Police raid to Özgür Radyo

The police forces also raided Özgür Radyo and terrestrial broadcast and online stream of the radio have been blocked.

Özgür Radyo, via its Twitter account, reported that the entrance door has been broken down, police forces detained personnel and the broadcast is blocked.