Iraqi Prime Minister: We haven't allowed Turkish soldiers

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi spoke about Turkey: "We warn them not to dare to violate Iraq's sovereignty."

According to Almasalah, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi came together with the foreign missions and their representatives in Baghdad. 

Talking about Turkey during this meeting, al-Abadi stated: "I am not very optimistic about Turkey's attitude towards Iraq and the fact that they are escalating the tension."

Stating that they haven't allowed Turkish soldiers, al-Abadi added: "Erdoğan says that Kurds are subjected to assimilation in Iraq. Well, have you provided the Kurds in Turkey with their military and political rights?"

Here are the highlights of al-Abadi's statement:

"We tell them to respect the sovereignty of Iraq and to withdraw their soliders in northern Iraq immediately. If Turkish soldiers stay there, historical relations of the two country would be damaged.”

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Barzani: Ankara should come to terms with Baghdad, if they would like to be involved in the operation

While the Mosul operation continues, President of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region Mesud Barzani, Prime Minister Nechervan Barzani and some generals of Iraqi Army paid a visit to Peshmerga forces in Hazir Front.

After the visit, Mesud Barzani held a press meeting and spoke about the operation:

“On the first day of the operation, a region of about 200 kilometers has been liberated. The operation on south and east fronts of Mosul was lead by Peshmerga and Iraqi army. I thank the coalition forces. We won't let Mosul to end up like Aleppo. I hope Mosul will be liberated and we will put an end to terrorism. People of Mosul should trust Peshmerga and Iraqi army. They won't be harmed. We won't hold grudges. We will set them free and make sure that they live in safety.”

After ISIS, there should be political solutions”

Journalists asked Mesud Barzani about Turkey's demand to be included in the Mosul operation and Barzani said: “We think that there should be a conciliation between Ankara and Baghdad. Ankara should come to terms with Baghdad, if they would like to be involved in the operation.

Prime Minster Nechervan Barzani stated that ISIS is a threat against the entire world and the Mosul operation is important for every one: “The major operation started, however, ISIS attacks revealed that the safety of all the countries in the world depends on each other. ISIS is not only a threat against some countries in the region, but against the entire world. After ISIS, we have to find political solutions. Iraqi Kurdistan Region is ready to assume responsibility in order to provide a peaceful solution.”


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