My summer in TUMO

Melih Cavak

This year, a group of students from Turkey went to TUMO Center for Creative Technologies in Yerevan for the first time. 11 students from Armenian high schools and 2 students from Karagözyan including me participated in the camp for 2 weeks. First of all, I strongly recommend this camp. You can wander around Armenia and get information about technology.

A day in the camp was like this: waking up in the hotel, breakfast in TUMO, class, lunch, class, going back to hotel and doing whatever you want. For instance, I was watching videos on TV with my friends. Our supervisor in the hotel took us wherever we want. She took us to Vernisaja, the biggest marketplace in Armenia.

In the camp, you choose a different topic each week. I had chosen 2D graphics and Robotics. In Robotics class, we built and programmed robots by using NXT and EV3 models of Lego Mindstorm. In 2D Graphics class, we created 2D pics by using various programs.

On weekends, there was the presentation day, when you present what you did in TUMO during the week to other students. In addition to the classes and Yerevan tours, there were also other entertaining activities. If you would like to apply to TUMO for participating the camp, you should visit