The websites we use in school and what I think about them

Herman Yimsel

We use these websites in order to understand which topics we learned in school need more practice. I am writing about these websites for letting you have some information about them.

What is Plickers?

It is an application which is mostly suggested by teachers. In this application, the qr code is read by the teacher's phone and a question appears in the computer. When everybody gives the correct answer, the green light turns on. In our class, when everybody gives the correct answer every one rejoices, and when the answer is wrong, nobody reacts. The purpose is to test our comprehension of the topics. Thus, we find out which topics need more practice.

As you see in the image, the paper should be held in accordance with the direction of the answer choice. For instance, if the choice faces upwards, you should hold the paper horizontally.

It is a beneficial application. Some students don't like it, because it has a problem: you should wait for your phone to read your answer. If the phone cannot read it, your answer doesn't count.

What is Tagul?

It is a word cloud website. We used it once in our computer class. Its purpose is to make the words stick to the memory. We used it for file extensions.

It is nice, but it is not instructive. You can create word clouds with it. It is good for creating a beautiful design. I used this website for “Agos with Students”.

What is Kahoot?

It is like a computer game. You can see the question in teacher's computer. Some signs appear in accordance with the correct answer.

It is nice and somewhat beneficial. We use it in math and English classes. It tests us.

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