Sargsyan: Opening of Armenian-Turkish border doesn't depend on us

Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan spoke about Armenian-Turkish relations. Sargsyan stated that the preconditions propounded by Turkey halted the relations.

Speaking to Sputnik Armenia, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan answered the question whether there is an opportunity for improving the relations between Turkey and Armenia and said that opening of Armenian-Turkish border doesn't depend on Armenia.

Sargsyan stated that after the negotiations and the protocols that were signed at the end of 2000's, Turkey began to propound some conditions: “In 2008, we proposed Turkey to make the negotiations process public. We signed two protocols in 2009 in Zurich with the participation of three foreign ministers of three permanent member states of the UN Security Council. Regretfully, some time later it became clear that Turkey is not ready to ratify the protocols and actually not ready to establish relations with Armenia without preconditions. They began to propound preconditions: let Armenia convince Karabakh, that it surrenders even only one, as they put it 'occupied' region. Meaning, a part of the security zone. At that time, Turkey will be ready to establish relations, open the border. Since we agreed, and it is clearly stated in two protocols, that we are establishing relations without preliminary condition, we said: 'Sorry, such issues could have been discussed before the signing of the protocols, during the negotiation process.”

Sargsyan said that after that, there was not any diplomatic relations left between Turkey and Armenia and they just greet each other if they come across during international conferences.

Turkey hadn't fulfilled its obligations”

Sargsyan also added that he worked hard for convincing the Armenian Diaspora in 2009: “Until 2009, several friends were speaking about the fact that we have the genocide issue, that we simply do not want to establish any relations with the Turks, as long as they haven't recognized the Armenian Genocide. We went for it anyway. Can you understand my situation at that time, when I traveled almost all over the world to meet the representative of the Armenian Diaspora? Thousands of Armenians were protesting against the President of Armenian in Paris, New York, Los Angeles and Beirut and demanding not to sign the protocols. I worked, asked, begged. In the end, we signed the protocols, but they hadn't fulfilled its obligations. What were we supposed to do? Were we supposed to yield and say, 'OK, let's surrender the security zone to Azerbaijan and Turkey will open the borders”? Then what? There could be another conflict and Turkey would close to border once again. This doesn't depend on us. As I always say, any wedding and creating of a family requires the agreement of the both sides. In such a case, you cannot say that 50% of the issue is solved.”


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