1985 doğumlu. Güncel politika, insan hakları, azınlık mülkleri ve Kürt meselesi üzerine haberler yapıyor. Musa Anter Gazetecilik Ödülleri 2008 yılı en iyi haber ödülü sahibi.

Rezoning in Historical Peninsula that made possible to build boutique hotels there is approved by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council despite the objections of the experts. According to this decision, boutique hotels will be built within historical part of Eminönü.

The symbol of the confiscation of the properties of Armenian society, Kamp Armen’s deed is returned to Gedikpaşa Armenian Protestant Church Foundation. Foundation’s lawyer Sebu Aslangil declared that the returning process is done.

“Discrimination in Education Report” that is prepared by Migrant Rights Group (MRG) and Tarih Vakfı (History Foundation of Turkey) is released. According to the report, the education system has a religious and nationalist approach. Students with different religious beliefs and ethnicities struggle with the discriminatory practices. The report shows that the incentive scholarships that were given to the minority schools last year can only cover a small percentage of the minority schools’ expenses. The report also points out the status problem of minority schools.

Malkara Mayor Ulaş Yurdakul said that the old headstones belong to the graves that vanished years ago and these headstones were put into use as manhole covers in some places of the district in the past years.

A selfie of three friends, Ezgi Sadet, Polen Ünlü and Dilan, taken at the celebrations in Bakırköy following HDP’s success in the general election when it won 80 seats in parliament, has become widely shared on social media following the Suruç Massacre.