1985 doğumlu. Güncel politika, insan hakları, azınlık mülkleri ve Kürt meselesi üzerine haberler yapıyor. Musa Anter Gazetecilik Ödülleri 2008 yılı en iyi haber ödülü sahibi.

In the trial of the public officials who are responsible for Dink murder, which was held on April 19, the demand for recusal of the suspects is refused.

A permit was requested for starting an investigation against former Minister of Interior Muammer Güler, who was the governor of Istanbul when Hrant Dink was murdered, and Ministry of Interior declined this request by deciding “not to put it in process”. Supreme Court Prosecutor's Office objected to the decision of Ministry of Interior.

The expropriation decision made by the cabinet in Sur province of Diyarbakir caused disquiet. Stating that the cabinet should correct this decision, Archbishop Aram Ateşyan said that they demanded a meeting with Minister of Environment Sarı. Lawyer of Surg Giragos Church Ali Elbeyoğlu said, “The execution of this decision shouldn't be under the initiative of the government. We will appeal this decision. The decision of the cabinet should be corrected by the cabinet itself.”

Surp Giragos Church, the largest Armenian church in Middle East, is among the places in Sur province of Diyarbakir that are expropriated by the decision of the cabinet. With the same decision, Syriac, Chaldean and Protestant churches are also expropriated.

Statements are started to be taken as part of the lawsuit that was opened against public officials who have responsibility in Hrant Dink's murder. Former Chief of Istanbul Intelligence Branch Sabri Uzun, who were in office at the time of the murder, gave a statement in Ankara 2nd High Penal Court upon the order of İstanbul 14th High Penal Court. Uzun claimed that he wasn't informed about the intelligence reports that contains information about the plans for murdering Hrant Dink.