1985 doğumlu. Güncel politika, insan hakları, azınlık mülkleri ve Kürt meselesi üzerine haberler yapıyor. Musa Anter Gazetecilik Ödülleri 2008 yılı en iyi haber ödülü sahibi.

A document in the appendix of the indictment prepared for Hrant Dink case revealed the fact MİT (intelligence agency of Turkey) was monitoring Armenians, Greeks and other non-Muslim communities under the title of “Ethnic Separatist Activities”.

Hrant Dink Foundation's studies on cultural heritage continues. After the inventory of the structures of Armenians, Greeks, Syriacs and Jews in Turkey is taken, the foundation focused on the cultural heritage of Kayseri. In late 19th century, one third of Kayseri's population consisted of Christians. Though it is a rich country in terms of cultural heritage, there are few studies on the city.

Ankara Public Prosecutor's Office sent a written notice to satellite broadcasting (Türksat) and demand İMC TV's frequency is suspended with the claim that it makes propaganda for terrorist organizations. News Coordinator Faruk Eren said, “This is what happened, while we are rejoicing the release of Gül and Dündar. The situation of the freedom of press and expression in Turkey is miserable.”

Cultural Heritage Map of Turkey is created at the end of a months-long study and research. Thanks to the project of Hrant Dink Foundation, an interactive online map is created. Through this map, it is possible to list and examine the sanctuaries, schools, hospitals and cemeteries of Armenians, Greeks, Syriacs and Jews in Turkey.

The case that was opened against the public officials as part of the investigation on Dink murder and the main case are joined. The Supreme Court decided the cases to be tried by 14th High Penal Court.

The curfew and the clashes that follow it continue in Sur province of Diyarbakir. There have been intermittent curfews in Sur since September 6. There is a ban on entering or leaving the province. Civilians were killed and many buildings in the province are damaged.

Democratic Regions Party (DBP) co-chair Kamuran Yüksek told about the process that led to ditches and concerns of the people in the region. Yüksek thinks that if things go on like this, there might be no negotiation process again.