AGENDA Kürkçü: Cabinet Meeting merely a spectacle

HDP Mersin Member of Parliament Ertuğrul Kürkçü, at a press meeting he held at Parliament today, commented on President Erdoğan’s decision to head the Cabinet at its meeting on January 19: “This meeting will be against procedure, and even against the spirit of the 1982 Constitution, it displays a vulgar use of authority which even junta leader Kenan Evren did not take the liberty to.”
AGENDA 2014: Not “a great year”

Facebook might have bid farewell to 2014 with its message “It’s been a great year. Thanks for being a part of it!”, but it was a year with a lot of negatives, and very few positives for Turkey.
AGENDA Operation 14 December: 23 still in custody

7 of those detained in the operation of the Istanbul Police against the ‘parallel state structure’ have been released, 23 remain in custody. The EU and the US criticized the operation, while PM Davutoğlu made his first statement on the raids.
AGENDA Pope Francis ends visit with message of unity

Pope Francis’s 3-day visit to Turkey (28-30 November) has had broad repercussions both in Turkey and the world. Beside the visit’s political aspects, it also had a historical significance in terms of efforts for dialogue and unification between the Catholic and Orthodox worlds.