AGENDA New airstrikes on Turkmen Mountain

Diplomatic crisis that started with the downing of Russian warplane by Turkish forces continues. During the day, statements from Turkey and Russia have been made one after the other.
AGENDA ISIS also hit at Beirut

On November 12, one day before Paris attacks, two explosions took place in Burc Al Barajine which is located on the southern suburbs of Beirut. This region is densely populated by Shiites and the center of Hezbollah, which is the major party of Shiites, is also there. 44 people were killed and over 200 people were injured due to the attack.
AGENDA TİHV’s report: What happened in Silvan in 10 days?

Documentation Center of TİHV (Human Rights Foundation of Turkey) reported the violation of rights committed against the civilians during the curfew in Silvan district of Diyarbakir. In the report, it is stated that 6 people were killed by the security forces. After the release of TİHV’s report, another civilian was killed in Mescit Neighborhood in Slivan.
AGENDA What does election results mean?

Decrease in HDP and MHP’s votes sealed the fate of the new parliament. We talked to two scholars, Cuma Çiçek and Yücel Taşkın, about the reasons and possible consequences of this change.