WORLD Systems conflict in Rojava

Would they prefer continuing their lives by maintaining the rights and status that they gained so far or going on with a new and smaller system, i.e., with a broader presence in Rojava, by demanding those rights all over again? People of Christian communities ask those questions themselves every day.
WORLD Farewell to Papa Stratis, the angel of the refugees

Papa Stratis from Kallonili Village of Lesbos Island turned Lesbos into a home for refugees with the contributions he made. Papa Stratis passed away on September 2; the same day that Aylan passed away, who put the refugee problem into world’s agenda again with the photograph of his dead body lying on the shore.
WORLD Robert Fisk: The Syrian War has occupied Turkey

In a recent article, Robert Fisk, the senior Middle East correspondent of the Independent compared Turkey to Pakistan in the 1980s and said that the recent air bombardment was no surprise given that all powers in the region have betrayed the Kurds. We spoke to Fisk both about the details of the matters he touches on in his article, and whether power balances have changed in the Middle East. Fisk comments that Turkey has become a market place and when seen from this perspective there are more important issues at stake besides whether or not Turkey will enter the war in Syria: “I believe that Syria has started penetrating Turkey. Suruç is an example of this. From this view, the Syrian War but not the Syrians have occupied Turkey. It is not the reverse.”
WORLD Obama: Medz Yeghern

In his speech on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, President Obama used the expression “Medz Yeghern”, meaning “great disaster”. Describing 1915 as a “massacre”, Obama underlined the importance of “reckoning with the past”.
WORLD Gauck: Fate of Armenians example of genocide history

The German President Joachim Gauck spoke following mass held at the Berlin Cathedral in commemoration of the genocide of Armenians, Assyrians and Pontic Greeks. Gauck defined 1915 as genocide, and also underlined Germany’s role in the events.