WORLD Founding members of EU to convene

With 52% of the votes, England decided to leave EU. Following the referendum, founding members of EU will convene upon Germany's call. Authorities from EU countries made statements about the decision, emphasizing that this is an “emergency call” for a reform in EU.
WORLD Germany's process of confrontation with Holocaust

The debate on “confrontation” is heated again after Bundestag's Armenian Genocide resolution. Germany is one of the remarkable countries in terms of reckoning and we talked to Prof. Nora Şeni from Paris VIII University about Germany's process of confrontation with Holocaust and what Turkey should do in order to confront with 1915.
WORLD “The message is clear: look, we were there with you”

Various people and institutions from Turkey, notably President Erdoğan, have been expressing their reactions against Cem Özdemir, sometimes through insults and racist statements. We talked to Özdemir about the developments that took place after June 2.