WORLD Turkey: we will be involved both in the operation and negotiations

After the Mosul operation is launched in this morning, Turkish authorities started to make their first statements. While President Erdoğan stated that Turkey will be involved both in the operation and negotiations, Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmuş said that Turkey has Plan B and C for Mosul.
WORLD “'Alevis to the grave, Christians to Beirut' is still a common slogan”

Working in various international human rights associations, Harout Ekmanian made a presentation in "Critical Approaches to Armenian Identity in 21st Century". Being an Armenian from Aleppo, Ekmanian follows the war in Syria as an observer in order to record the violations of rights and war crimes. We talked to Ekmanian about Syria, focusing on the Armenian community in Aleppo, which he knows very well.
WORLD Mosul operation starts

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi stated that the operation for retaking the city back from ISIS has been launched.
WORLD Armenians in Aleppo in trouble

We spoke to author and scriptwriter Manuel Keşişian about the situation of Armenian community in Aleppo, which has been affected by the attacks of the last week.
WORLD Humanitarian aid from Armenia to Aleppo

The attacks against the Armenian neighborhoods in Aleppo have recently increased and Armenia decided to send humanitarian aid to Syria. The first plane carrying the aid arrived at Latakia.
WORLD Kardashian's letter on the Armenian Genocide in NYT

The US-based Armenian Educational Foundation (AEF) has placed a full page ad to New York Times today. In the ad, there is also a letter by Kim Kardashian, responding to an ad published in Wall Street Journal on April, which denies the Armenian Genocide.