NEWS The truth behind the

For about 2 weeks, a story titled as "Armenian spies in Turkey are revealed" has been circulating, but the information included in the story is not confidential. The information is just a part of visa applications to Armenia.
NEWS Armenian and Azerbaijani people came together for peace

6 Azerbaijani and 4 Armenian people came together in Eskişehir and talked about peace and common life without a third party. Varduhi Balyan witnessed this important and touching meeting, spoke to participants and told about her own story. In the hope of more meetings like this...

We talked to Ruben Safrastyan, the Director of Armenian National Academy of Sciences Institute of Oriental Studies, about Pope Francis' visit to Armenia, in the framework of the normalization of relations between Turkey and Armenia.
TURKEY Turkish Foreign Ministry's statement on Pope Francis' visit

Turkish Foreign Ministry released a condemnation statement concerning Pope Francis' visit to Armenia and statements that he made during that visit. The ministry claimed that the Pope committed religious discrimination and argued that this visit “doesn't contribute to the peace and stability in Southern Caucasus.”
NEWS The Pope in Armenia

Leader of Roman Catholic Church and President of Vatican City State Pope Francis arrived at Armenia as part of his official visit that will last for 3 days.