Dying during the military service and the concealment of the investigations is a major problem in Armenia. Every week, mothers whose sons were killed during the military service gather in front of the presidential palace and demand justice.
NEWS The Pope will be in Armenia on September

For a year, it has been discussed whether the Pope will go to Armenia. The announcement from Etchmiadzin, the main religious center of the Armenian people, has seemingly ended this discussion.
NEWS Sex-selective abortion in Armenia

Reaction against sex-selective abortion increases day by day in Armenia. Last week, a campaign is started for raising awareness about this issue.
NEWS Armenia is the birthplace of wine

Ian Tattersall and Rob DeSalle from American Museum of Natural History, with their book “A Natural History of Wine”, re-write the history of wine. They start from the cave in Armenia and trace the thousands of years of history of the techniques that are used even today.
NEWS Balances might change in Caucasus

The embargo against Iran is lifted. What does this mean for Armenia, which is in economical and commercial cooperation with Iran? We tried to answer this question with Caucasus Institute Director Aleksander İskandaryan.
Femicides are also at serious level in Armenia

Volodya Muradyan, who murdered his wife Diana 3 years ago stabbing her 21 times in front of her children, sentenced to 3 years in prison. Member of 'Society Without Violence', Sona Hovakimyan talked about Diana case and domestic violence in Armenia.