1915 - 2015

Our aim here is to re-read, from a new perspective, the numerous stories, witness accounts and research studies within the framework of the Centennial of the Genocide. The Armenian Genocide created so many tragedies and stories that it is perhaps impossible to fully comprehend, or convey it. However, a simultaneous reading and overview of certain stories may enable us to collectively look at the different dynamics still in operation across these lands today. Reading the stories of the perpetrators, rescuers and survivors, and adopting a more in-depth view of the issue may provide new signs as we seek to lift the veil of 1915. This week, we begin our series with an interview, and the stories of one perpetrator and two rescuers.


Social engineer: Şükrü Kaya

Governor of the Genocide, Minister of the Republic: Abdülhalik Renda

Doctor Reşid, the Diyarbekir executioner


“Since I won’t commit these murders, please accept my resignation!”

Defying orders in the Diyarbekir Province

‘If you are sending me there to deport the Armenians, I can’t do that!’

'In 1915, the State openly declared war upon its Armenian citizens'

‘Questioning official discourse is the path to recognition’