Death threats against Cem Özdemir

While the debates on the genocide resolution that was passed in Bundestag on June 2 continues, Cem Özdemir, who made great efforts for passing the resolution, receives death threats.

The reactions against the Armenian Genocide resolution of Bundestag continue. According to DW Turkish, Green Party member Cem Özdemir became the target of the threats. Especially in social media, there are severe criticisms against Özdemir. Some messages include death threats. 

Security measures are tightened around Özdemir's house

According to Welt am Sonntag's report, Cem Özdemir's office made a statement about this issue. Marc Berthold said that they got accustomed to insults, but they have never received this much death threats. Berthold added: “Extreme rightism doesn't pertain to Germany. There are extreme rightists among Turks in Germany and Turkey.” It is also reported that security measures are tightened around Özdemir's house after June 2. 

Cem Özdemir was one of the people who initiated the voting of the resolution and he stated that, “Germany's complicity to the genocide doesn't mean that we should support the ones who deny the genocide today.”

Criticisms from President Erdoğan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan also criticized Özdemir. “And who is the leader of this scandalous development? I won't say from which city he is, because there are people who are from the same city right now. They would be upset. He is from Turkey, but I cannot call him “Turk”. Why? Because someone who has Turkish blood cannot accuse this nation for genocide.”

Özdemir stands by his decision

Deniz Yıldız, a journalist from Die Welt, thanked Özdemir for his efforts and Özdemir responded to him via his Twitter account: “Others are more loud and aggressive, but there are people like us who seek for truth.” Speaking to DW Turkish after the voting, Özdemir said that he stands by his decision.