Dink case: Ercan Demir released

The third hearing of the trial of public officials ended. Evaluating the demands of release, the court decided to release Ercan Demir. Ali Fuat Yılmazer and Ramazan Akyürek’s detention continues. The next hearing will be held on August 8, 9, 10 and 12.

On the third series of hearings of the case, Muhittin Zenit and Ercan Demir were heard.

Concluding the interlocutory decision, the court refused the demand of release made by Ali Fuat Yılmazer and Ramazan Akyürek.

Ercan Demir’s demand of release is accepted.

Judicial control decision concerning Özkan Mumcu and Muhittin Zenit remains.

The prosecution also demanded information on the result of warrants against former General Directorate of Security Intelligence Branch Deputy Chief Coşkun Çakar and Ahmet İskender.

“Photograph” argument between Yılmazer and Cerrah

Ali Fuat Yılmazer and Celalettin Cerrah quarreled, while the court was announcing the decision concerning the demands of release. Reading some passages from Nedim Şener’s book on Dink murder, Yılmazer said that he wanted to disclose Ogün Samast’s photo to the press, but officials in İstanbul refused and he pointed to Muammer Güler and Celalettin Cerrah. Starting to speak, Cerrah said, “He is lying. I am the one who wanted to disclose the photo.” Cerrah’s lawyer demanded the former Minister of Internal Affairs Abdülkadir Aksu and former Minister of Justice Cemil Çiçek are heard as witnesses.

The case is postponed to August 8, 9, 10, 12. The next hearing will continue with the defence of Ercan Demir.



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