Arson not short circuit cause of fire at Kadıköy Church

The cause of the fire at the Kadıköy International Church (KUT) was arson, an investigation has proven.

The fire that began on the night of December 7 was previously claimed to have been caused by a short circuit of the electrical lights on the Christmas tree. 

Examination of the security camera recordings of the church has revealed that the fire was caused by arson. The recordings show the suspect breaking into and setting fire to the church. 

The suspect under custody has allegedly also been involved in a previous case of arson. 

Pam Ohanyan, from the Kadıköy International Church Association, stated that thousands of holy books and CDs were destroyed in the fire. 

The fire broke out at the second floor of the building, the first two floors of which are used as prayer and meeting rooms. The third floor was used as a library.


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