AGENDA “We expect an apology, not condolence”

On the occasion of 102nd anniversary of Armenian Genocide, people came together in Taksim and staged a silent sit-in. They commemorated the victims of Armenian genocide with Armenian laments, calling for confrontation.
AGENDA April 24 message from Erdoğan

Turkish President Erdoğan sent a message to the April 24 mass that was held in Feriköy Surp Vartanants Church this morning. In the message, Erdoğan also mentioned patriarchal election.
AGENDA Police interfered with “April 23,5 commemoration”

Şişli Provincial Organization of HDP has been holding “April 23,5 commemoration” for 5 years. This year, the police interfered with the commemoration on the occasion of 102nd anniversary of Armenian Genocide. The commemoration was held in the office of HDP.