AGENDA Anniversary of Ankara massacre: festering wounds in body and soul

It has been almost a year since October 10 Ankara Massacre. The case of the massacre, which left 102 dead and 391 wounded, will start on November 7 without the public officials included, despite all the objections of the lawyers. We talked to the survivors of the massacre. Accounts of Gülşen Ay, Uğur Erman Karakoç, Elif Zavar and Bahadır Kılıç are like similar but disparate parts of the same harrowing story.

HDP appeals to ECHR concerning the lifting of the parliamentary immunity, since the internal authorities to be appealed are exhausted.
AGENDA 8th Hrant Dink Award granted

This year, 8th Hrant Dink Award is granted to Diyarbakir Bar Association, one of the prominent institutions struggling for human rights in Turkey, and Malawian activist Theresa Kachindamoto, who tries to prevent child marriage in her country, defending children's right to education.
AGENDA The consequences of this slander could be grave

The Patriarch responded to the story of Akşam Daily which claimed that Ecumenical Patriarchate backed the coup attempt on July 15. In the written statement sent to Agos, it is said: “The editors of Akşam Daily should have known that this unfounded story, which was published with the purpose of inciting hatred against His Eminence, could lead to grave consequences.”