AGENDA “Both Nazism accusation and Hitler comparison are wrong”

Israeli scholar Efrat Aviv's work titled “antisemitism and anti-Zionism in Turkey from Ottoman era to AKP”, which she was working on since 2012, is published as a book recently. Teaching at Middle Eastern Studies Department of Bar Ilan University, Aviv also presented the extensive survey that she conducted for the book published by Routledge Publishing to the readers and researchers. We talked to Aviv about antisemitism in Turkey.
AGENDA Women against “one-man” order on March 8

This year, March 8 may be one of the strongest reactions of the women's movement against “one-man” policies of governments. 30 countries responded to the general strike call that was initiated by anti-Trump women's movement in the US. In Turkey, a women's demonstration was held in Istanbul and the “Feminist Night March” will be held on March 8.
AGENDA Journalist Deniz Yücel arrested

Detained on February 14, Die Welt Turkey correspondent Deniz Yücel is arrested last night on the charge of “propagating for a terrorist organization and inciting hatred and enmity among people”. German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that the arrest is disproportionately harsh and disappointing.
AGENDA İdris Baluken arrested again

Released on January 30, HDP Diyarbakir MP İdris Baluken was detained in Ankara yesterday. After being referred to the court, he is arrested again.