AGENDA “Cleansing” operations continue after the attempted coup

Yesterday, Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdağ said, “The cleansing is continuing. Around 6000 detentions took place. The number could surpass 6000.” Early in this morning, 7850 police officers are detained and also a search was carried out in the Air Force Academy.
AGENDA Church attacks in Trabzon and Malatya

Last night, some people protesting the attempted coup attacked St. Mary Catholic Church in Trabzon and Protestant Church in Malatya with stones and hammers. They tried to enter the churches.
AGENDA Yetvart Danzikyan: the coup attempt and its aftermath

Will such an era really start after this kind of a calamity? Let's hope it will. However, there is a good chance that an era, where capital punishment will be back, every opposing protest will be suppressed both by the state and “society” and lynching atmosphere will remain, is coming.
AGENDA Coup attempt in Turkey

A group within Turkish military attempted to overthrow the government last night. The coup is forced back early in this morning, but the tension continues in Turkey. According Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, 161 people were killed and 1440 people were injured. He also stated that the organizers of the coup are detained.
AGENDA What about the others?

Preparations for giving Turkish citizenship to Syrians reminded AKP's previous promises to diaspora Armenians and Greeks. Scholars studying on this topic assessed the discussions of citizenship for Agos.

We talked to Syrian immigrants with different professions about the debate on Turkish citizenship. They all want to acquire Turkish citizenship because it would make their lives easier. However, they don't know whether they comply with the criteria of "being a useful and qualified person", declared by President Erdoğan. They are also disturbed by the hate speech against them.