DIASPORA Armenian world toward 2115

With the initiative of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, "Armenians in 2115: Strategic Directions for the Twenty-First Century" report is released.
DIASPORA What does French court's 'genocide decision' mean?

A case referred to French Constitutional Court was widely covered in Turkish media, after some Turks and Armenians became parties to the case. We talked to Philippe Kalfayan, international law scholar and former Secretary General of International Human Rights Federation.
DIASPORA We are here, we are alive and contribute to the world a lot

One of the prominent figures of Armenian Diaspora, Russian investment banker Ruben Vardanyan is an important entrepreneur and philanthropist, co-founder of “100 LIVES” project which is one of the most remarkable events of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. We talked to him about his observations about Istanbul and his new projects.
DIASPORA What is your next step? Are you going to kill 15-20 million Kurds now?

One of the most prominent genocide researchers in the world, Ronald Grigor Suny was in İstanbul for “Critical Approaches to the Armenian Genocide Conference” that is organized by Sabanci University. We made an interview with Suny; he shared his evaluations on the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and his views on the events in Kurdistan from the perspective of the Armenian Genocide.
DIASPORA ‘No depiction of catastrophe will ever make up for a 100 years of denial’

Last week, renowned Canadian film director Atom Egoyan was in Turkey for the first time. Although he had received many invitations from film festivals before, he had preferred not to come. He had legitimate reasons, fears and concerns. ‘Ararat’, the film he shot 13 years ago, had faced intense reaction and repression in Turkey; and could not be screened.
DIASPORA Catholicosate of Cilicia demands its properties back

The Catholicosate of Cilicia in Antelias, Lebanon, the second largest centre of the Armenian Apostolic Church, has formally applied to the Constitutional Court of Turkey for the return of its properties in Sis (Kozan). The Catholicosate has demanded the return of its identified properties, and in the event of failure of identification, the payment of 100 Million TL compensation. This also constitutes the first instance where a case on the seizure of properties by the State will be ruled by the Constitutional Court.