NEWS Peace Trail across Caucasus

3000 kilometers along the Caucasus mountains, three countries and a long way passing through them... Transcaucasian Trail Association (TCTA), a Washington-based initiative, embarked to build one of the longest hiking routes in the world. The association is working with local partners for this hiking route, which is planned to pass through Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. They want to improve ecotourism, create an exciting route for the hikers and provide a different perspective to Caucasus countries which seem like they will never come to terms because of the border conflicts. We talked to Vahagn Vardumyan, a member of Armenia team, about the project.
GENERAL Pope's call for help in Karabakh

Pope Francis visited Georgia on September 30. Having stayed in Georgia until October 2, he headed to Azerbaijani capital Baku and came together with head of Caucasus Muslims, head of Jewish community in Baku and Orthodox bishop.
NEWS Armenian and Azerbaijani people came together for peace

6 Azerbaijani and 4 Armenian people came together in Eskişehir and talked about peace and common life without a third party. Varduhi Balyan witnessed this important and touching meeting, spoke to participants and told about her own story. In the hope of more meetings like this...
NEWS Sargsyan and Aliyev come together with OSCE group

OSCE Minsk Group, which was formed with the purpose of promoting a peaceful resolution for Karabakh conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan and meditating between two sides, convened the presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan.
NEWS Vahram Ter Matevosyan:

After 4-day conflict between Azerbaijan and Karabakh forces, many questions emerged about the developments in the region. Can these developments transform into a full-fledged war? What are the positions of Turkey and Russia in these developments? What do western countries and diaspora think? We asked these question to Vahram Ter Matevosyan from Yerevan based American University of Armenia. Ter Matevosyan said, "Aliyev, with the Turkish endorsement, turned the solution down. Now, we are back to the same vicious circle."
Armenian Assembly of America: “No one in Artsakh, Armenia or the Diaspora wants war

“The Armenian Assembly of America (AAA), as one of the largest Armenian advocacy groups in the United States, is engaged in serious work with the U.S. executive and legislative authorities to counter attempts to disturb peace and renew hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh,” told Arpi Vartanian, Regional Director of the Assembly to Agos. Vartanian also underlined the importance of peace for the region and said: We want the world to recognize Nagorno Karabakh, and its right to self-determination. We want the people of Artsakh to live in peace, free from the rule of Aliyev.

Tevan Poghosian, who is a member of Armenian parliament since 2012 and served as the Washington representative of Karabakh between 1997-1999, assessed the developments about Karabakh.