HUMAN RIGHTS Another step towards a police state

The ‘Internal Security Package’ to be discussed in Parliament next week has once again opened the debate on the boundaries of authority to be transferred to law enforcement. Departing from the security package that has become the focus of criticism, we have examined what the new regulations bring, the path followed by such regulations aiming to protect the ‘continuity of the State’ and the background of the criticized stance of the police force.
ARMENIA Joint 2015 Declaration from Armenia and Diaspora

The Republic of Armenia State Commission on the Coordination of Events for the Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide has announced its 2015 declaration. The declaration states that it expresses the united will of the Armenian people.
HUMAN RIGHTS Imminent danger: Lapse of time in enforced disappearance cases

The period of limitation is about to end for many lawsuits regarding enforced disappearances and unsolved murders. If a step is not taken, these files will be closed. The Human Rights Association and the Saturday Mothers have launched a new campaign against the threat imposed by the statute of limitations.
NEWS The test the ECtHR faces

Human rights activist and lawyer Eren Keskin has assessed the Perinçek v. Switzerland case heard at the European Court of Human Rights in a column piece for the Özgür Gündem newspaper. Keskin states that Perinçek’s words “cannot be construed within the scope of the freedom of expression”, and adds that they “clearly amount to an abetment to crime.”
DIASPORA Are Armenians the only victims of 1915?

The Armenian Youth Federation is using the hashtag #Turkeyfailed to create awareness as part of an informative action. The group has prepared posters about people who migrated to the United States from Turkey either after or just before 1915, and about their discoveries or inventions that have affected our daily lives.
DIASPORA ‘The Government’s inner conflict is a good sign’

Executive director of HRW Middle East and North Africa Division Sarah Leah Whitson will be visiting Istanbul on April 24 as part of the ‘Project 2015’ group to take part in the Armenian Genocide 100th Anniversary Commemoration. We interviewed Whitson in Istanbul, where she held meetings with civilian society organizations in Turkey, which will participate in the organization of the commemoration event; and asked her about Turkey’s position in 2015, the Diaspora’s expectations and the impact of Armenian identity on her life.