AGENDA 2014: Not “a great year”

Facebook might have bid farewell to 2014 with its message “It’s been a great year. Thanks for being a part of it!”, but it was a year with a lot of negatives, and very few positives for Turkey.
ARMENIA For a more ‘fun’ activism, try ArtAct

Armenian activist group ArtAct carries out creative actions against violence and harassment. The ArtAct group is trying to develop new methods beyond traditional activism in order to reach more people, and could inspire similar groups in Turkey.
MINORITIES Property return sets legal precedent

Seized by the state with 1964 Decree, a landed property belonging to the former Ecumenical Patriarch Vapurci will be returned and registered in the name of his heirs by Supreme Court ruling. The legal victory paves the way for the return of other properties that were transferred to the Treasury with the Declaration.
TURKEY Official 1915 document swept under the carpet

Journalist Murat Bardakçı has announced that a Turkish Historical Society [TTK] official removed ‘dispatch registers’ kept after the deportation law was issued in 1915 from the Ottoman archives, and hid them in the archive of another institution. According to Bardakçı, this was done not by official procedure, but was the outcome of an individual’s interference. Even the newly changed administration of the Turkish Historical Society does not know where these documents are located at present.