AGENDA Three releases in Zirve Publishing House Massacre case following new ‘consensus’

In the Zirve Publishing House Massacre case held in Malatya, verdicts of release were issued for three suspects tried for instigating the murders. Lawyers of the victims’ families share the view that the releases are a further outcome of the consensus reached between the AK Party government and ultra-nationalist circles after the 17-25 December corruption scandals.
TURKEY Court announces verdict in Ali İsmail Korkmaz case, police attacks Korkmaz family and supporters outside court house

The court has announced its verdict in the case of Ali İsmail Korkmaz who was murdered in Eskişehir during the Gezi Resistance. The accused police officers Mevlüt Saldoğan and Yalçın Akbulut each received 10-year sentences, while the other accused police officers were acquitted. The bakery personnel involved in the murder each received sentences of 6 years and 8 months.
TURKEY Murathan Mungan: They wanted to kill the language of peace

On the 8th anniversary of Hrant Dink’s assassination, poet and playwright Murathan Mungan spoke to the crowd gathered fort he commemoration ceremony: “One of Hrant Dink’s dreams was the opening of borders between Armenia and Turkey to allow for the two peoples to commingle. Friends, we should own up not only to the memory of our lost loved ones, but also to their dreams. And if that border were to be opened today, it would mean opening the door to so many other things. (…) The opening of that border would so much become the year 2015.”
AGENDA HDP rally for Hrant Dink

The HDP Şişli District Organization commemorated Hrant Dink with a rally on the 8th anniversary of his assassination. HDP also released a press statement underlining Cizre Police Chief Ercan Demir’s connection with the Dink murder. Several recent murders and disappearances in Cizre have been linked to the police.
DIASPORA Armenian identity is wounded with hatred

Journalist Meline Toumani’s first book ‘There Was and There Was Not’ was recently published in the US and was met both with high acclaim and strong reaction. Drawing from her own experiences, Toumani’s book holds a critical mirror to Diaspora Armenians, and has received criticism from Armenian circles in the US, with some even calling for a boycott. We spoke to Toumani in New York.