GENERAL Pope's call for help in Karabakh

Pope Francis visited Georgia on September 30. Having stayed in Georgia until October 2, he headed to Azerbaijani capital Baku and came together with head of Caucasus Muslims, head of Jewish community in Baku and Orthodox bishop.

Tevan Poghosian, who is a member of Armenian parliament since 2012 and served as the Washington representative of Karabakh between 1997-1999, assessed the developments about Karabakh.
NEWS UN’s call to Armenia and Azerbaijan

UN made a statement about the increasing clashes between Azerbaijan and Armenia because of Karabakh question. UN urged both side to avoid actions that might intensify the tension.
NEWS “Clashes in Karabakh is for having a strong hand”

We talked to Tevan Poghosyan, an Armenian MP since 2012 and the former Washington representative of Karabakh (between 1997 and 1999), about the sources and possible results of Karabakh crisis between Armenia and Azerbaijan.