NEWS Garo Paylan wrote for Agos: Let's correct this historic mistake

Recently, HDP MP Garo Paylan had been banned from the parliament for 3 sessions and subjected to verbal assault for he used the word “genocide” and his speech was removed from the parliamentary minutes. Paylan wrote for Agos, telling what happened before and after the speech and what was his intention in the first place.
Shameful moments during constitutional amendment discussion

When HDP MP Garo Paylan started to talk about the genocides and massacres that oppressed peoples of Turkey have been subjected to, Parliamentary Deputy Speaker Ahmet Aydın interrupted Paylan’s speech. During the session, three parties, AKP, CHP and MHP, condemned the speech. Garo Paylan is excluded from the parliament for 3 sessions and the word “genocide” is removed from the minutes.
NEWS Paylan: in order to defend our supporters' will, we won't go to court

HDP Istanbul MP Garo Paylan assessed the voting that clears the way for lifting the parliamentary immunity. Saying that he considers CHP's attitude as “falling prey to AKP”, Paylan said: “In order to defend our supporters' will, we won't go to the courts which this oppressive law commands us to go.”
NEWS Reaction to violence against Garo Paylan

Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) Chair Aram Hamparian sent a petition to the US Ambassador to Turkey John Bass on May 3. Signed by Hamparian, the petition is about HDP MP Garo Paylan who was subjected to physical violence during a parliamentary session on parliamentary immunity.