PRESS Today is May 3, World Press Freedom Day

Today is May 3, World Press Freedom Day. In Turkey, where crackdown on media is increasing day by day, 159 journalists are currently in jail and almost 2,500 journalists are unemployed. Press organizations from Turkey and other countries released solidarity messages on the occasion of May 3.
PRESS Journalist Deniz Yücel arrested

Detained on February 14, Die Welt Turkey correspondent Deniz Yücel is arrested last night on the charge of “propagating for a terrorist organization and inciting hatred and enmity among people”. German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that the arrest is disproportionately harsh and disappointing.
PRESS Tricks and unanswered questions once again

This week, Agos headlined the crisis in the patriarchal election and the meeting that was held last week and caused a chaos. We are reminding the unanswered questions concerning the secret meeting.
PRESS The threat against Agos goes unpunished

In the case of the threat against Agos, Nationalist Turkish Party Istanbul Chair Bilal Gökçeyurt and the chair of so-called Turan Organization Ercan Uçar have been acquitted. Agos' lawyer Hakan Bakırcıoğlu objected to the ruling.