MUSIC “Turkish song” censor to Collectif Medz Bazar

Collectif Medz Bazar was going to perform in the concert for commemorating Armenian Genocide in Arnouville city near Paris. However, they decided not to perform, after the organization requested not to perform their Turkish songs. The band reacted against this situation with a letter.
MUSIC Istanbul-based master of a 2500-year-old instrument

Today, musical instrument making is not a very popular occupation, but the number of people interested in this craft is increasing. Two weeks ago, we published an interview with Istanbul-born Vahank Nogigosian, one of the rare Stradivarius violin repairers in Turkey. This week, we introduce Iranian santur-maker Amir Homayunfard, who has been living in Turkey for 7 years.
MUSIC Komitas everywhere

A selection of the artworks inspired by Komitas’ works and life on the occasion of his 147th birthday…
MUSIC A journey to longing with Dinkjian

After Onnik Dinkjian’s concert with his son Ara Dinkjian on October 24, Silva Özyerli told the journey that she went on with the songs of Onnik Dinkjian, who is also from Diyarbakir like her.
MUSIC As a Lebanese Armenian musician in international arena, it’s a double fight

Lebanese Armenian musician Eileen Khatchadourian has been recently in Turkey on April 24, for the Memorial Concert. This time she came for the Hrant Dink Award Ceremony to İstanbul. At this special evening she sang songs from her latest album ‘Titernig’ (Butterfly). We came together with her and talked about her identity shaped in various lands, her authentic interpretation of traditional Armenian songs and her feelings arising while being in Turkey.
MUSIC Tigran Hamasyan arrives at Ani and Aghtamar

Tigran Hamasyan begun his tour with the Yerevan State Chamber Choir led by conductor Harutyun Topikyan titled ‘Luys i Luso (Light of Light)’, blending Armenian Churh Music with jazz, in June. Within the scope of this tour, Hamasyan has given concerts at Ani and Akhtamar, and will come to Istanbul after giving concerts in Diyarbakır, Kayseri and Vakıflı.
MUSIC The powerful voice of the Diaspora: Eileen

Eileen Khatchadourian, who achieved great popularity with her first album ‘Midan’ published in 2007, was also one of the most talked about artists of the ‘In Memoriam April 24’ concert.