SOCIETY First step for the renovation of Diyarbakır Surp Sarkis Church

The first step towards the renovation of the Surp Sarkis Armenian Church, which has been in ruins for years in Diyarbakır (Dikranagerd), will be taken on June 13. Work will begin with the funds allocated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. However, additional resources need to be found to complete the project.
SOCIETY Rakel Dink: Once again, they threw the injustice onto our face

Rakel Dink, who made the opening speech of the "Minority Rights in the Centennial of the Republic" conference organized by the Hrant Dink Foundation, touched upon the release of Ogün Samast, the perpetrator of the Hrant Dink murder, 16 years and 10 months after the assassination. Rakel Dink said, "Our quest of justice in Hrant’s case has never been that this or that person is given three or five years more or less. Since day one, we said this darkness should be questioned. We said delivering justice in this case is essential to the democratization of this country. In the wake of what happened, how can we possibly wish that this decision brings all the best to our country?"
SOCIETY Trans-regional covid-19  solidarity and collaboration by Armenian physicians

U.S. based Armenian physicians are engaged in providing Armenia all the assistance they can . For example, they have shared the technology that converts anesthesia devices into breathing equipment . Furthermore, they have also established a network of information sharing and support between Armenia and healthcare experts based in cities where there are substantial number of Armenian residents including Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Toronto , Montreal , Paris, London , Lyon, Moscow and Buenos Aires
SOCIETY AGOS EDITORIAL/ This election will open wounds

However, Bishop Maşalyan and Archbishop Ateşyan have not been attentive to these and other concerns voiced by community members. They are continuing their campaigns. From the look of the scene, it is clear that following through with this election in this haphazard fashion will severely damage us.
CHURCHES Ateşyan finally steps down

General Vicar of Armenian Patriarch of Turkey Archbishop Aram Ateşyan announced that he resigned in a meeting with some foundation executives and benefactors. Ateşyan also sent an official letter to Değabah Bekçiyan, informing that Bekçiyan has the responsibility to carry out the election process and he will hand over the administrative duties. It is expected that the process will accelerate now.