Ohannes Kılıçdağı


Alright, how much has the vote rate of AKP decreased? AKP took 18.586.137 votes corresponding to %35,32 in the May 2023 elections. Looking at the votes in provincial council elections held on Sunday, we can observe a decrease of 3.735.639 in votes (it is equal to %2,9). On the other hand, CHP raised its votes from 13.374.463 to 15.791.97, which corresponds to approximately a rise of %9,5 . This is a groundbreaking rise for a period of ten months in consideration.

They do not want anyone to shine out, but at the same time they are incapable of doing what should be done. It cannot be said that this situation is independent from the regime that has been created in Turkey and its mentality of governance. State is always authoritarian in Turkey, but Erdogan regime has turned this to totalitarianism.