Tigran Hamasyan’s new album

Pianist Tigran Hamasyan’s new album ‘Atmosphères’ with Norwegian musicians is released by ECM Records.

Hamasyan’s new album consists of 15 songs and he worked with Norwegian musicians Arve Henriksen, Eivind Aaarset and Jang Bang. Majority of the album was recorded in 2 days in Lugano, Switzerland. The album also includes the new arrangements of Komitas Vardapet’s arrangements ‘Dzirani dzar’, ‘Karun a’ and ‘Hoy, Nazan’.

John Fordham, in an article published in Guardian on September 1, wrote about the album: “Hamasyan’s folk references (notably to Komitas, Armenia’s legendary composer-priest) bring a timeless lyrical lilt to the contemporary sound of this new electro-acoustic quartet, which features the luminous trumpet sound of Arve Henriksen, guitars by Eivind Aarset and cutting-edge electronics from Jan Bang.”

The songs in ‘Atmosphères’ can be purchased from iTunes.



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