French journalist detained in Turkey goes on hunger strike

French journalist Mathias Depardon was detained and has been kept in Gaziantep for 18 days to be deported. Recently, he went on hunger strike.

Mathias Depardon was detained in Batman city and sent to Gaziantep for deportation. Waiting for deportation for 18 days, Depardon went on hunger strike. 

He was kept in detention for 35 hours and then sent to immigration center in Gaziantep. 

According Mahmut Bozaraslan from Voice of America, Depardon has been living in Turkey and was in Batman for taking some photographs of Hasankeyf for National Geogrpahic. His lawyer announced that he went on hunger strike. 

Referred to prosecutor's office with the charge of “propagating for a terrorist organization”, Depardon was released. Then, he was taken to immigration center in Gaziantep, his camera and cards were seized.