Hunger strike in prisons ends

Hunger strike that had been going on for 64 days in prisons are ended upon the call of KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union).

Prisoners who are jailed or convicted due to PKK and PJAK cases had been on hunger strike for 64 days. Prisoners ended the hunger strike today. 

Yesterday, KCK released a statement urging the prisoners to end the hunger strike.

According to dihaber, Deniz Kaya made a statement on behalf of the prisoners: “On the 64th day, we ended our indefinite hunger strike upon the call of KCK. We hail our people who supported us, democratic circles and all of those who feel responsible.” 

It is also stated that they would “take larger resistance actions, if isolation of Abdullah Öcalan and violations in prisons and against Kurdish people continue”.

The prisoners on hunger strike demanded the isolation of Öcalan is ended, violations in prisons are prevented and destruction and curfew in Kurdish cities are ceased.


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