Tricks and unanswered questions once again

This week, Agos headlined the crisis in the patriarchal election and the meeting that was held last week and caused a chaos. We are reminding the unanswered questions concerning the secret meeting.

The process that started with the resignation of the Head of Clerical Assembly Bishop Sahak Maşalyan revealed the troubles of the Armenians society of Turkey once again. After the resignation, a meeting was held with the broadest possible participation in order to decide on the course of action. However, this meeting was in a sense invalidated by a secret meeting which a few people attended. In this secret meeting, a protocol was signed which had the purpose of keeping Aram Ateşyan as the general vicar; Maşalyan also signed this protocol. Both Armenian society and Etchmiadzin reacted against this protocol. What happened on February 16 in Kumkapı disturbed the majority of the society. And the society is left with the unanswered questions which people have been asking to each other throughout the week. Here is a sum of those questions.

*Who did come up with the idea of holding a secret meeting with the participation of Ateşyan and Maşalyan, though there was a call for a meeting on February 16 with broad participation in order to decide on the course of action?

*During that meeting, who did lay the continuation of Ateşyan's vicarship as a condition? Why was this condition regarded necessary?

*Who did secure the seat of Ateşyan despite all the pressure?

*Maşalyan says that he was pressed to accept the continuation of Ateşyan's vicarship. Is this true? If so, who did make this pressure?

*Why was Jamanak editor-in-chief Ara Koçunyan invited to the secret meeting, about which many foundation executives didn't know?

This is it for now. We think that Armenians of Turkey cannot proceed on their own way unless these question are unanswered, regardless of the consequence of the meetings in Etchmiadzin.


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