SOCIETY Nor Zartonk: game of thrones continues

Nor Zartonk made a statement on the crisis concerning the patriarchal election that started with the resignation of Sahak Maşalyan. Stating that the protocol signed in the secret meeting is invalid for Armenian society, Nor Zartonk urged Ateşyan to resign and demanded institutions managed by “wealthy men” become transparent and accountable.
CHURCHES What do young Armenians expect from the patriarch?

On October 26, the Clerical Assembly of the Armenian Patriarchate of Turkey decided to superannuated Patriarch Mesrob II, paving the way for the process of election which has been expected for a long time. We asked young Armenians, who have never voted before, about their expectations, criticisms and assessment concerning the patriarchal election.
SOCIETY “We did what we had to do”

The Armenian Patriarchate of Turkey made an important decision concerning the patriarchal election. With the decision of the Clerical Assembly, the process of election has officially started. Leading the meeting of the Assembly, Bishop Sahak Mashalian answered the questions concerning the background of this decision and the course of the election process. He stated that a committee consisting of clerics will apply for election.
CHURCHES Mutafyan superannuated, election on the way

The Clerical Assembly of the Patriarchate of Turkey decided to superannuate the Patriarch Mesrob II on the ground that he has been unable to perform his duty for 7 years. It is announced that there will be an application for starting the election process.