CHURCHES Investigation on “missing painting” continues

In the Armenian press, there have been reports claiming that Vicar Patriarch Aram Ateşyan testified as part of the investigation on a painting that was disappeared from Armenian Patriarchate of Istanbul. Ateşyan said that he hasn’t testified, but filed a complaint two years ago.
CHURCHES Mutafyan superannuated, election on the way

The Clerical Assembly of the Patriarchate of Turkey decided to superannuate the Patriarch Mesrob II on the ground that he has been unable to perform his duty for 7 years. It is announced that there will be an application for starting the election process.
CHURCHES “Right to vote cannot be violated”

A group of people from different circles of Armenian society gathered in front of the Patriarchate and demand a patriarchal election, which couldn’t have been done for 8 years. The group placed a black wreath on the door.
SOCIETY Letter to Ateşyan from Agos: May God bestow sense, intelligence and comprehension on you

Agos responded to Archbishop Aram Ateşyan, General Vicar of Armenian Patriarch in Turkey, who is severly criticized by the Armenian society because of his letter addressed to President Erdoğan: "You define the systematic and almost complete annihilation of a people by the decision of the state itself as 'the events happened during the tragic times of World War I'; this is an affront to the ancestors, victims and the survivors in the eyes of the society to which you also belong.”
CHURCHES Ateşyan's letter to President: we submit our regret to your dignified office

Archbishop Aram Ateşyan, General Vicar of Armenian Patriarch in Turkey, sent a letter to President Erdoğan about the Armenian Genocide resolution of Bundestag. In the letter, Ateşyan defined the passing of the resolution as “abuse of Armenian nation by imperialist forces”. Claiming that the decision caused a deep regret in Armenian nation, he said “we submit our regret to your dignified office”.