A case referred to French Constitutional Court was widely covered in Turkish media, after some Turks and Armenians became parties to the case. We talked to Philippe Kalfayan, international law scholar and former Secretary General of International Human Rights Federation.

European Court of Human Rights said the final word on controversial Perinçek case which has been going run and run for about ten years. Grand Chamber decided that Switzerland had violated Doğu Perinçek’s freedom of expression by a majority of 10 judges against 7.

In Perincek-Switzerland Case, ECHR Grand Chamber ruled by a majority of ten judges against seven that Switzerland had violated Perincek’s freedom of speech. Switzerland-Armenia Association, which started this process by opening a lawsuit against Perinçek, reacted to EHCR’s decision.

One of the most prominent genocide researchers in the world, Ronald Grigor Suny was in İstanbul for “Critical Approaches to the Armenian Genocide Conference” that is organized by Sabanci University. We made an interview with Suny; he shared his evaluations on the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and his views on the events in Kurdistan from the perspective of the Armenian Genocide.

While the clashes at the Armenia-Azerbaijan border “really” increase, both countries began to conduct extensive military drills. Though the acts that are performed in the drill scenarios are fictional, the number of casualties from both sides is real.

Turkey is on the way to a “re-election” with a temporary parliament. Turkey, since June 7, has been experiencing many things for the first time. Some of these things are certain powers which are not practiced before, but the President Erdoğan has chosen to exercise. We talked to Izmir MP Ex-MP Rıza Türmen, who is one of the most competent people on the field of international law in Turkey and who worked as a judge at European Court of Human Rights, about this process that brought about debates on “civilian coup” and other issues related to this process.

The 212 million dollar Akbank loan for SOCAR, the State Oil Company of Azerbaijani Republic, for the container port project in Aliağa, İzmir, was approved on May 25. The project land was transferred to SOCAR with a ‘preferential’ clause added to the omnibus bill.