ARMENIA The Pope will be in Armenia on September

For a year, it has been discussed whether the Pope will go to Armenia. The announcement from Etchmiadzin, the main religious center of the Armenian people, has seemingly ended this discussion.
ARMENIA Balances might change in Caucasus

The embargo against Iran is lifted. What does this mean for Armenia, which is in economical and commercial cooperation with Iran? We tried to answer this question with Caucasus Institute Director Aleksander İskandaryan.
ARMENIA No justice for Diana

Diana Nahabedyan was killed by her husband in Armenia 3 years ago and the murder trial is ended. Murder suspect Volodya Muradyan is sentenced to 3 years and 6 months in prison, because of unjust provocation abatement.
ARMENIA UN’s call to Armenia and Azerbaijan

UN made a statement about the increasing clashes between Azerbaijan and Armenia because of Karabakh question. UN urged both side to avoid actions that might intensify the tension.
ARMENIA Debates after the referendum in Armenia

A referendum was held in Armenia on Sunday and people said ‘yes’ to constitutional amendments for transition to parliamentary system, but the debates still continue. Thinking that this amendment serves for Sargsyan’s maintaining his power, the opposition claims that there was an electoral fraud.